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The Kraken is a tear-drop shaped blade of a slightly smaller size. Don't let that fool you, as it still packs a punch, and has an incredible catch, and steady grip on the water.

The quality carbon wing blades are set on a 40% carbon shaft, which allows for a more forgiving paddle that is still stiff and lightweight.

This popular tear-drop shape is used all over the world for flat-water sprints & marathon, as well as river marathon races and surfski.

It is a smaller volume blade aimed at longer distance style races.

Used by Michele Eray to win the 2013 ICF Surfski World Championships, these blades will get you to where you need to be!

Blade width: 145mm
Blade length: 450mm


Surface area (cm2/in2): 635/98.4

Ideally suited to slightly lighter paddlers - up to 150 lbs.